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Tianjin University (A.K.A. Beiyang University) is the first educational institution of higher learning in China. As a key university of engineering integrated with Science, Tianjin University plays a leading role in the basic principle research and industrial application of mass transfer fields, especially in distillation, absorption and so on. After decades of endeavor in these fields, Tianjin University has gained several key patents included by the national plan of ‘High efficient packed Column Technologies with the new Column Internals' in distillation field. PACTU has been the leading supplier of distillation technology and equipments in China; and is looking forward to multiple corporations overseas.
By the end of 2007, PACTU has an overall asset of 110,000,000RMB, an overall production value equals to 170,000,000RMB, and a sales revenue exceeds 150,000,000RMB. The manufacture plant of PACTU locates in Tianjin University Industrial Area of Jinhai Developing District with an area reaches to 20500 M2. PACTU has about 307 employees, of which there are 60 officers of technical, sales and management.
Supported by Tianjin University and motivated by the client's needs , PACTU cooperates with Chemical Engineering Research Institute and National Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering to develop new distillation process and equipments and the convert the advanced technology into industrial application . Today, PACTU has integrated the technology development, manufacture and service into a whole.
The technology of ‘High efficient packed Column Technologies with the new Column Internals'(HCTCI) is the principal axis of the development of new distillation process and equipment of PACTU, which includes series of patents owned by Tianjin University and PACTU and Know-how. PACTU has established several pilot columns that can be used in the experiments of normal pressure, vacuum, high pressure and batch distillation and absorption, which have played a key role in the development of new processes and equipments. By now, PACTU has gained 11 patents , including structured packing, distributor, tray and rectification process, part of which have been applied in the industrial installation widely and have achieved good performances.
PACTU has gained ISO-9001:2000 certification of international standard quality guarantees system and has been issued the manufacturing license of pressure vessels of type I, II by the Quality Inspection Bureau of China. In 2006, PACTU is valued the Tianjin High-Tech Corporation by the government of Tianjin city.
PACTU owned 200 sets of manufacture devices, including 46 sets of special devices, 36 sets of assistant devices, 50 sets of key devices, 51 sets of common devices and other inspection devices to ensure the quality of the products. PACTU has established a large hydraulic experiment device, which can check the performance of big internals ( φ1500mm). All the key devices and most of the assistant devices are design
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